Stavely Municipal Complex – Town of Stavely/ Municipal District of Willow Creek

“Not only does working together save a dollar, it enables us to provide the best possible service to our ratepayers.” – Cynthia Vizzutti, CAO, MD of Willow Creek

Southwestern, rural Alberta has a real charm to it. People are tolerant, kind, and get along with their neighbours, says Cynthia Vizzutti, CAO for the MD of Willow Creek. And, with the completion of the Stavely Municipal Complex, it seems that “cooperation” should be added to the list of attributes, too. “Everyone just works together; we’re independent, but codependent,” adds Vizzutti.

Recently, the MD of Willow Creek and the Town of Stavely joined forces, and their MSI funds, to build a new home for Stavely’s fire hall and public works facilities, as well as grader storage and patrol services for the MD.

“Everyone is blown away with the finished product. Our guys are in heaven and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from residents,” said Sheryl Fath, CAO, Town of Stavely. “We’re able to provide services so much more efficiently now.”

This project was such a success that the MD is currently looking into other partnership options and they’re encouraging other municipalities to take this approach, too. “By managing our MSI funds properly, we’re able to take a big dent out of our infrastructure budgets,” added Vizzutti.

Project Details

MSI Contribution:

$3.9 million

Total Project Costs:

$4.0 million

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