Village of Edberg - Water Tower

“This project was a success because we were able to access government funding.” –Lorne Klevgaard, Mayor of Edberg

Village of Edberg uses MSI funding to upgrade water tower

When it comes to essential services, it doesn’t get any more vital than water. The Village of Edberg has a legacy of being one of the first villages west of Ontario to have its own water system. This summer Edberg built upon that legacy, adding MSI-funded improvements to their water tower to provide residents with a cleaner and more reliable water system.

“This project was a success because we were able to access government funding,” said Lorne Klevgaard, Mayor of Edberg. “Intergovernmental cooperation and understanding of our need was gratefully received."

This project involved upgrading the village’s water tower to include the addition of water recirculation pumps. This enhancement alleviates previous freezing problems which frequently plagued the community’s main water supply, improving water capacity throughout the community and allowing for a safer system for chlorine injection.

Without recirculation, maintaining safe mixture of chlorine to ensure safe water was an extreme challenge,” said Patrick Risk, CAO for Edberg. “Reduced capacity also was a concern in regards to possible fire suppression needs during winter.”

In addition to the new recirculation system, the Village of Edberg’s water tower now also boasts two new pressure pumps, multiple system fail alarms, new piping, electronics and gauges.

“The new system is more efficient, healthy, cost-effective and safe,” said Risk. “With the gratefully received funds from the Alberta Governments MSI Capital program, Edberg now uses less chlorine, we have stronger water pressure, and we maintain maximum capacity all year round.”

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