Fire Hall Construction – Town of Elk Point/County of St. Paul

“We’ve built a fantastic hall and we’re thoroughly thrilled with the outcome!” – Ken Palamarek, Elk Point Fire Chief 

There’s a new fire hall in Elk Point, and, according to fire chief Ken Palamarek, everyone’s simply “tickled pink.” We caught up with Palamarek to learn just how important this shiny new facility really is to the community it’s serving.

When asked why a new fire hall was deemed a local priority, Palamarek takes a moment to recall the days before the new hall opened. In his words, the old one was just “totally overcrowded,” and, at some points, units needed to be double parked in one lane making it virtually impossible to find even a few inches of space to navigate.  In fact, Palamarek says the situation became quite an issue. “If we had a call out in a rural area, we’d have to move all the trucks around just to get out. Something had to change,” he says.

Palamerk took these concerns to the Town of Elk Point and the County of St. Paul’s councils and they put their heads together to work on a solution. Thanks to thoughtful local planning, an outpouring of support from the community, and MSI, Palamarek says his team is now ready and eager to jump to action when emergencies strike. “We’re just so much better set-up to provide those essential emergency services to our community.”

Project Details

MSI Contribution:

$1.5 million

Total Project Costs:

$1.5 million

See photos from the June 17, 2010 grand opening on Flickr.

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