Information for Home Owners

If you are building or rebuilding a home in the RMWB, mandatory requirements for disclosure of builder information have recently come into force. The information collected under these requirements will be published online in the RMWB Builder Registry to help you make informed decisions as you move forward with your construction project.

How does this help me?

Entering into an agreement for the purchase or construction of a new home, whether for the first time or in response to a disaster such as the wildfires in the RMWB, is one of the most important decisions an individual or family will make. The Government of Alberta’s new builder information disclosure requirements will help you make a more informed decision.

What information do builders need to provide?

Builders who intend to construct homes in the RMWB are now required to disclose information in the form of a declaration which is signed and witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths. The declaration includes a statement indicating their understanding of government expectations (e.g., applicable legislation and building codes), and requests the following details about their business:

  • residential construction history
  • financial indicators
  • outstanding fines or orders

The declaration is published for public review on the RMWB Builder Registry.

Builders who have submitted incomplete or incorrect information may not be able to obtain a building permit.

Is the information a builder submits going to be verified? Is the government evaluating builders?

The information provided is subject only to a review for accuracy and completeness and will be published on line as written. Builders will not be subject to a review against criteria.

Information deemed to be false or superfluous (i.e., marketing material) may result in a rejected registration. Builders from whom a declaration and questionnaire have not been received will not be able to register new homes and will not be able to obtain building permits.

Are builders still required to provide a home warranty?

Yes.  New home warranties which comply with the provisions in the New Home Buyer Protection Act are mandatory.

How do I use the information provided?

  1. Review the list of builders in the RMWB builder registry. This will tell you which builders have completed the requirement to provide the information.
  2. Review the content provided. Definitions are included in the questionnaire to help you understand the details that have been provided.
  3. The Government of Alberta is not evaluating the information provided. However, information will be verified for accuracy and completeness. Due to the anticipated volume of information, verification may not happen immediately. Information that has not yet been verified will be noted.
  4. As part of the verification process, information deemed to be personal or superfluous (i.e., marketing material) may be removed from disclosure forms prior to online publication.
  5. Consider the information carefully as you determine what is important for YOU to have in a builder.

Do you have information on what to include in a contract with a builder?

Contracts to rebuild are legal documents. You should work with a legal representative to review your contract and give consideration to any additional items you may want to ensure are contractually included.

Your insurance company will be able to work with you to provide information about how your builder will be paid for their work.  Processes may vary between companies.

I have questions, who can I call?

Please contact the New Home Buyer Protection Office at 1-866-421-6929 or

What if I want to build my own home?

The New Home Buyer Protection Act contains provisions that allow individuals wishing to build their own homes to apply for an exemption from the requirement to purchase new home warranty. The implications of choosing this option should be carefully considered before submitting an application for exemption. New Home Buyer Protection Office Compliance Officers can assist you in deciding if application for owner builder exemption is an appropriate option. To speak with a Compliance Officer,  please contact the New Home Buyer Protection Office at 1-866-421-6929 or

Tip Sheets

New Home Buyer Protection Office has prepared these tip sheets to help homeowners understand the Residential Builder Declaration and to provide guidance in choosing and working with a builder.

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  • Date modified: 2017-03-24