Branch Priorities

Public Library Services Branch begins 2015 with a new Network Technology work unit, managed by Kerry Anderson and staffed by consultants Kimberly Johnson and Katrina Borowski.   It is responsible for implementing the Public Library Network Policy.  Key 2015 activities of the new unit will include:

  • Courier delivery: The province currently provides a delivery service for some public libraries.  We will study delivery to determine if it can be enhanced and/or made more efficient.   This study will likely involve a needs assessment, marketplace survey and process reengineering.  There are more questions than answers at this early stage but the intention is to maintain or improve existing levels of service in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
  • Alberta Ebooks: We have been in discussion with Alberta publishers on how to provide a collection of Alberta ebooks to all public libraries.  This would enhance existing local ebook collections with content that is currently unavailable.  We are working to select a platform that can host and deliver this collection.
  • Interlibrary loan: The existing VDX system that brokers interlibrary loans is end-of-life.  We will develop a strategy for a next generation interlibrary loan system.

Existing work of the Branch has been moved into the Legislation and Library Services unit, managed by Bonnie Gray and staffed by consultants Ken Feser, Jen Anderson and Ken Allan and administrative support Mari Scott.  Key 2015 activities of this unit will include:

  • Annual report: We will review the annual report form that libraries are required to submit, making the form as easy as possible to complete while still collecting relevant and significant information that can benefit the public library community.
  • Library service support: We will encourage service excellence by developing and providing support tools.  Our existing Plan of Service toolkit will be enhanced to help libraries make the most of their plans.  We will develop new reports, publications and presentations to provide the library community with useful information on statistics, trends and best practices.
  • Training: We will develop new ways to assist library trustees and staff in their professional development including web based and other elearning training tools.  We will continue to deliver our in-person Board Basics workshops.
  • Consultative services: We will continue to consult one-on-one with library boards who request assistance with local issues.
  • Legislation: We will continue to help library boards comply with the Libraries Act and Regulations.
  • Grants: We will continue to deliver operational grants through the existing grant program.
  • Date modified: 2015-07-22