Board Development

Library trustees and the library board are key to the success of the public library. Nowhere is this more true than in Alberta, where local autonomy rules and where a library can be as good – or otherwise – as the local community makes it.

Becoming a trustee is a significant commitment, and yet many people are appointed to the library board without any knowledge of their role or responsibilities. Following is some information that may assist trustees in their ongoing education.

Library Board Basics workshops: This workshop presented by the Public Library Services Branch is great for the new or the experienced trustee. All important issues are covered, including the Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation.

Alberta Library Trustees' Association (ALTA):  ALTA is the collective voice for library trustees across Alberta and promotes effective library service and leadership through training, resources, communication and advocacy. Visit their website to see the full range of training and resources provided (including the ALTA Handbook).

  • Date modified: 2016-10-21