Library Board Basics Workshops

The Public Library Services Branch Library Board Basics Workshops are open to all library trustees, library managers and library system staff. They are designed to help participants understand the structure of public library service in Alberta, and how to support the delivery of effective public library service in their communities and regions. In particular, participants will understand:

  • Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation and other relevant legislation
  • The Alberta Public Library Network
  • Library board roles, responsibilities and relationships
  • Other important issues such as finances and board effectiveness

There is no fee for the workshop. Participants will receive a workbook and other support materials, snacks, and lunch. Other meals, travel, and any required accommodation will be the participant’s responsibility.

To print a copy of the Library Board Basics Workshop booklet click here.

Weather in Alberta can make travel dangerous. Public Library Services Branch may use your email address to notify you of a workshop cancellation if travel is unsafe for participants and presenters. Please check the email address you provided the night before the workshop for a possible cancellation notice.

Upcoming Workshops

We are currently working on the workshop schedule for 2017-2018 and will be available the middle of March, 2017.

If you have any questions:

Public Library Services Branch
Library Board Basics Workshop
803 Standard Life Centre
10405 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 4R7
Phone: Toll Free 310-0000 and than 780-427-4871


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