New County Facilities - County of Newell

“The MSI is one of the best ongoing grant programs offered by the Province.” – Kevin Stephenson, CAO, County of Newell

The County of Newell’s municipal operations are getting a new home.

According to CAO Kevin Stephenson, the half-century-old facilities have served the County well, but are in need of a substantial upgrade to increase useable space and bring them up to a modern, functional standard. A new, unified facility to house all County operations was deemed a local priority and the best long-term solution moving forward.

With construction costs lower today than they were just three years ago, Stephenson says now is the time to proceed with repairing this much-needed infrastructure and this was made possible thanks to MSI.

“Alberta’s municipalities are very fortunate to have annual access to stable grant funding from the Province. Without the MSI funding, this project would not have been possible for the County,” said Stephenson.

The new facility, located just outside Brooks’ city centre, has been designed with the ability to easily expand, should that be required in the future. Once complete, County staff and council will have enhanced accommodation to function and serve residents and the facility will be fully accessible for persons with disabilities. New technology integrated into the facility will also help to lower utility costs, which are currently high.

Construction is expected to be completed by April 2012.

Project Details

MSI Contribution:

$12 million

Total Project Costs:

$17.5 million

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