Programs Supporting the Development and Maintenance of Core Municipal Infrastructure

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  1. Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Program – Water for Life

    This project-specific program supports eligible municipalities with the capital construction of municipal water supply and treatment, and wastewater treatment and disposal facilities.
    Municipalities with populations up to a maximum of 45,000, regional services commissions, and eligible hamlets within rural municipalities may apply for this competitive project-based capital grant.
    The AMWWP is a cost-sharing program and provincial funding varies with the service population of the applicant.  Under the Water for Life component, construction of regional water and wastewater systems may be provided with enhanced cost-shared funding.
    The Minister of Transportation approves individual projects.
    Applications for project funding are to be sent to the department’s Regional Director and must include a formal request for grant funding, a copy of the project proposal, a copy of the project plan and other supporting documentation.
    Budget allocation for 2014/15: $75.0 million.

  2. Basic Municipal Transportation Grant

    This program provides annual, allocation-based support to Alberta municipalities for their capital transportation infrastructure requirements.

    Provincial capital grant funding is provided annually to municipalities for their eligible priority transportation infrastructure needs.  The Minister approves the annual allocations and municipalities must submit a list of proposed work (Application for Program Acceptance - APA) for the coming years. “APA”s must be completed through the Transportation Department’s on-line system: Municipal Grants Management Application (MGMA).

    Examples of eligible capital projects include construction and rehabilitation of local and regional roads and streets, rehabilitation and construction of municipal bridges, and municipally-owned infrastructure for transit service systems including LRT lines and stations, bus terminals, transit passenger vehicles (buses, LRT), etc.

    Budget allocation for 2014/15: Consolidated with MSI Capital Program

  3. Federal Gas Tax Fund

    The federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF) was confirmed as part of the federal Budget 2014, and will run from 2014 to 2024. Under the GTF, Alberta will receive $208.65 million in 2014/15, and $1.08 billion in funding from 2014/15 to 2018/19. The GTF, a component of the New Building Canada Plan (NBCP), is a federal program that provides predictable, long-term, stable funding for Canadian municipalities to help them build and revitalize their local public infrastructure while creating jobs and long-term prosperity. Under the program, funding is provided to provinces and territories which in turn flow this funding to their municipalities and/or municipal associations.

    For more information, please visit the program website, or call a Municipal Affairs grant advisor at 780-427-2225, toll-free in Alberta by first dialing 310-0000.  

  4. GreenTRIP (Green Transit Incentives Program)

    This application-based program supports eligible public transit capital infrastructure projects that mutually support Government and regional or municipal priorities.

    Project-specific capital funding under the program will be available to successful proponents, which may include municipalities, regional entities and other partnering groups, for eligible public transit initiatives

    Eligible initiatives include the development and construction of local, regional and inter-municipal capital public transit projects.  Allocated on a project-specific basis, this program does have a cost-sharing requirement.

    The Minister of Transportation approves individual projects.

    The GreenTRIP applications, guidelines, reporting requirements and eligibility criteria program are available on the Alberta Transportation web-site, accessed through the “Municipal Grants” tab.

    Budget allocation for 2014/15: $246.9 million.

  5. Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) – Capital

    Since 2007, municipalities have been allocated a total of $4.4 billion in MSI capital to meet the demands of growth, address local infrastructure needs, and enhance municipal sustainability.

    All municipalities in Alberta (i.e., city, town, village, summer village, specialized municipality, municipal district, improvement district, special area) Métis Settlements and the Townsite of Redwood Meadows Administration Society are eligible for MSI capital funding based on their grant allocation.

    To receive MSI capital funding, project applications are required and must be approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.  Eligible projects include municipal roads, bridges, public transit, water and wastewater systems, emergency services facilities and equipment, solid waste management facilities and equipment, and other municipal buildings and facilities such as recreation and sports facilities, libraries, public works buildings, and cultural/community centres.

    MSI funds may be combined with, or used to fund the municipal contribution required under other provincial-municipal or federal-municipal grant programs, unless doing so is prohibited by that program.

    Budget allocation for 2014/15: $871.0 million.

  6. Prescribed Rebate Off-Road Percentages (PROP) Program

    TEFU and PROP rebates are eliminated for fuel purchased or used after February 24, 2011.

    For more information please visit:

  7. Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program

    This program provides support for municipal capital transportation infrastructure projects.  Project-specific capital grant funding is provided for strategic or major municipal transportation projects, based on highest project ranking.

    Examples of eligible capital projects include the development and construction of major local and regional roads, construction/reconstruction of local rural road bridges and culvert structures, key roadway links and bridges that are adversely impacted by resource or industry related truck traffic, as well as community airports.

    The Minister of Transportation approves individual projects.

    Budget allocation for 2014/15: $0 million.