Program Information

Alberta Community Resiliency Program (ACRP)


The ACRP is a multi-year, provincial grant that focuses on long-term community resilience. As the Province of Alberta moves forward with projects to improve community resilience to flood and drought, it is critical to recognize and respect the relationship between sustainable community development and our watershed systems. Understanding the importance of this relationship, the ACRP has been created to support communities in the development of long-term resilience to flood and drought events. Program priorities are to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure and public safety. ACRP will provide $531 million over 10 years (2015-2025).

Municipalities, First Nations, Metis Settlements, Improvement Districts, and Special Areas are eligible for funding under the ACRP. Eligible projects under ACRP include works that (a) enhance or enable the protection of critical infrastructure, (b) mitigate public safety hazards, or that do both (a) and (b). 

The next submission deadline is September 30, 2017.

Budget 2017-18: Approximately $49 million


Calendar Deadlines

  • Application Deadline
    [ 30-Sep-2017 ]