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911 Grant Program


Alberta’s Emergency 911 Act came into force on April 1, 2014. The Act established the Alberta 911 Grant Program under the Alberta Emergency Management Agency with the objective of strengthening and supporting local delivery of 911. The Program utilizes funding generated from a monthly 911 levy on cellphones to support Alberta’s 911 centres, known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).The 911 Grant Program is separate from general government revenue. Program administrative costs (including staff salaries) and all grant funding are paid out of the 911 levy. As such, the program is a self-sustaining and perpetual grant program.

Funding can only be accessed by PSAPs and spent on costs related to 911 call answering. In Alberta, PSAPs are primarily run by municipalities, though some are run by regional collectives or private companies. The total funding for each PSAP is based on the population for which it is contracted to provide 911 services. Eligible expenditures under the 911 Grant Program include: staffing, operations, training, hardware and software, resiliency, facility enhancements, public education, and upgrades for Next Generation 911. The grant is meant to enhance, not replace, existing funding streams.

In 2016-17, PSAPs across Alberta received a total of $15.35 million in funding. The 911 Program has budgeted to grant out $15.60 million to Alberta PSAPs in 2017-18. 


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