Program Information

Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP)


The STIP provides financial assistance to municipalities for developing and maintaining key transportation infrastructure that promotes economic growth and improves mobility, while also supporting job creation. STIP does this through strategic, project-specific investment in capital construction, and rehabilitation of important local transportation infrastructure such as local road bridges, community airports and resource roads. Funding is provided to municipalities, based on highest project ranking, on a cost-share basis. The Minister of Transportation approves individual projects.  

Budget 2015 restored $100 million in funding to this critical program after STIP was unfunded for new projects for the three previous years. Approximately $35 million in new funding for STIP has been approved for 2017-18.

The government also consulted with municipalities and key stakeholders in spring 2016 to ensure the criteria and application process achieved the most efficient and cost-effective results possible upon reinstatement.

Applications are due November 30, 2017 for funding in the 2018-19 year.

More information about STIP can be found on the website.

Budget 2017-18: $35 million 


Calendar Deadlines

  • Application Deadline
    [ 30-Nov-2017 ]