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Family and Community Support Services Program (FCSS)


Since 1966, the FCSS Program has supported the preventive social programming needs of local communities.

Allocation-based operating funding is available to all municipalities and Metis Settlements. Applicants indicate their desire to participate by submitting a letter to the Minister of Community and Social Services. FCSS is a cost-shared program, contributing a provincial portion of 80 per cent, with a minimum 20 per cent coming from the municipality.

 At the local level, a municipality or Metis Settlement Council that chooses to establish a program enters into an annual agreement with the Government of Alberta (Minister of Community and Social Services). A request for funding can be sent to the Minister anytime, although the funding starts either January 1 or April 1 depending on program administration. Subsequent funding agreements are completed for each new calendar year. Municipalities or Metis Settlements wanting to withdraw from the program are required to provide the Minister with six months written notice.

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Budget 2017-18: $101 million 


ContactContact Information

For more information, please contact Children and Youth Services at 780-415-8150. If you are calling from outside Edmonton, first dial 310-0000, then this number.