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Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP)


This program assists eligible Alberta municipalities with the construction of priority water supply and treatment and wastewater treatment and disposal facilities. Municipalities with populations up to a maximum of 45,000, Regional Services Commissions, and eligible hamlets within rural municipalities may apply for this competitive project-based capital grant. The AMWWP is a cost-shared program and provincial funding varies with the population of the applicant. The AMWWP is administered by the Ministry of Transportation. Applications for project funding must include a formal request for grant funding, a copy of the project proposal, a copy of the project plan and other supporting documentation.  Additional program information can be found on the website.

Budget 2017-18: $50 million 


ContactContact Information

For more information, please contact your Regional Director:

Central - 403-340-5166
North-Central - 780-674-8221
Peace - 780-624-6280
Southern - 403-381-5426