Programs Supporting Municipal Capacity Building

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  1. Alberta Community Partnership (ACP)

    The objective of the ACP program is to improve the viability and long-term sustainability of municipalities by providing support for regional collaboration and capacity-building initiatives.

    The ACP program is designed to support municipalities in attaining the following key program outcomes:   

    • new or enhanced regional municipal services;
    • improved municipal capacity to respond to municipal and regional priorities; and
    • effective intermunicipal relations through joint and collaborative activities.

    All municipalities in Alberta (i.e., cities, towns, villages, summer villages, municipal districts, specialized municipalities, improvement districts, and special areas), Metis Settlements and the Townsite of Redwood Meadows Administration Society are eligible to apply for funding under ACP.

    Budget 2018-19 $18.5 million

  2. Emergency Management Preparedness Program (EMPP)

    The objective of the EMPP is to provide an effective and cost-efficient program for increased emergency management capacity that results in an increased number of trained emergency management practitioners. Key outcomes of the program include:

    • Local authorities and volunteers have the required competencies and skills for emergency response;
    • A greater capacity for Alberta communities to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster emergencies.

    Eligible projects include emergency management workshops, and regional municipal exercises and innovative programs that increase emergency management capabilities.

    Budget 2018-19: $150,000

    For more information please visit the website using the link above.

  3. Family and Community Support Services Program (FCSS)

    Since 1966, the FCSS Program has supported the preventive social programming needs of local communities.

    Allocation-based operating funding is available to all municipalities and Metis Settlements. Applicants indicate their desire to participate by submitting a letter to the Minister of Community and Social Services. FCSS is a cost-shared program, contributing a provincial portion of 80 per cent, with a minimum 20 per cent coming from the municipality.

     At the local level, a municipality or Metis Settlement Council that chooses to establish a program enters into an annual agreement with the Government of Alberta (Minister of Community and Social Services). A request for funding can be sent to the Minister anytime, although the funding starts either January 1 or April 1 depending on program administration. Subsequent funding agreements are completed for each new calendar year. Municipalities or Metis Settlements wanting to withdraw from the program are required to provide the Minister with six months written notice.

    For more information please visit the website.  

    Budget 2017-18: $101 million 

  4. Fire Services Training Program (FSTP)

    This program supports the expansion and enhancement of regional fire service training. The objective is to provide an effective and cost-efficient mechanism for increased training capacity that results in a greater number of trained fire service personnel.

    Key outcomes of the program include:

    • Local authorities and volunteers have the required competencies and skills for fire and emergency response;
    • To increase the capacity of Alberta communities to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from fires.

    Eligible projects include fire services training that meets the standards of the National Fire Protection Association and innovative training programs that increase fire personnel capabilities.

    For more information, please use the link above. 

    Budget 2018-19: $0.5 million

  5. Municipal Sustainability Initiative – Operating

    All municipalities in Alberta i.e., city, town, village, summer village, specialized municipality, municipal district, improvement district, special area, Métis Settlement and the Townsite of Redwood Meadows Administration Society, are eligible for MSI Operating funding based on their grant allocation.

    To receive MSI Operating funding, a single operating spending plan is required and must be approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs. The operating spending plan must reflect eligible expenses. These include those related to: planning, capacity building, municipal services, assistance to non-profit organizations; eligible costs must be for the purpose of providing good government, maintaining facilities or other activities/services that are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality, or to support the development and maintenance of safe and viable communities.

    Budget 2018-19: $30 million 

  6. Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP)

    STEP is a 4-16 week program that provides a wage subsidy of $7 per hour to employers to hire current or returning high school or post-secondary students into summer jobs from May to August.  STEP supports students in obtaining employment by helping them gain work experience, improve their job readiness, build transferable skills, and provide career awareness. Municipalities are eligible for STEP funding. For more information, please visit the website using the link above.

    STEP 2017 is now closed. Applications for the 2018 period will open in the new year.

    Budget 2017-18: $10 million