Municipal Sustainability Initiative - Building Today for Your Tomorrow

The Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI)

The Government of Alberta is committed to investing in safe, healthy, and vibrant communities through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) and has allocated over $6 billion to municipalities since the program was announced in 2007. This has meant communities across Alberta have been able to build and rehabilitate their roadways and bridges, water and wastewater systems, public transit facilities, and recreation and sport facilities, to name a few local priorities.

What's New?

Key changes to municipal grant programs were announced under Budget 2014, including:

  • Consolidation* of the MSI Capital and the Basic Municipal Transportation Grant (BMTG);
  • Transfer of the administration of the Building Canada - Gas Tax Fund (BC-GTF) program from Transportation to Municipal Affairs; and
  • $20 million of increased funding for the Alberta Community Partnership program (formerly the Regional Collaboration program).

*The government remains committed to providing the full $11.3 billion in funding to municipalities over the life of the MSI in addition to the $1 billion increase in Budget 2014 (over 3 years) resulting from the BMTG consolidation.

The MSI Online System (MSIO) is now available for municipalities to create and submit MSI capital applications and amendments; create and submit MSI operating spending plans; track the status of MSI capital applications; and access allocation and project summary reports. More information about the MSIO is available here.

New resources have been added to the Program Resources page, including guidelines and forms for the 2014 MSI capital and operating programs, and tools to assist with completing Question Four: Functional Project Category and Question Five: Resulting Capital Asset on the capital application.

Meadows Recreation Centre, Library and Park - Edmonton

A new community hub in Edmonton's southeast is taking shape and will include park space, a community recreation centre and a new library.


Lethbridge Enmax Centre

Lethbridge Enmax Centre

Thanks in part to funding from the Municipal Sustainability Initiative, Lethbridge residents and visitors are enjoying a renovated and expanded recreation centre.