Eligible Projects

Eligible capital projects include municipal roads, bridges, public transit, water and wastewater systems, emergency services facilities and equipment, solid waste management facilities and equipment, regional and community airport facilities and equipment, and other municipal buildings and facilities such as recreational and sports facilities, libraries, public works buildings, and cultural/community centres.

Eligible operating projects include capacity building activities that improve efficiency or effectiveness, municipal services, planning activities, and assistance to non-profit organizations.  Project eligibility has been broadened to include repairs and maintenance of administration buildings, rehabilitation of capital assets, and a wider variety of small capital projects.

Refer to Schedule 2 of the capital and operating guidelines found under Materials, Forms and Resources for a detailed listing of projects that qualify for MSI funding.

Municipalities are the only eligible recipient of MSI funding; however, they can choose to contribute funds to other municipalities, regional services commissions, or non-profit organizations for the provision of a municipal service.