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Things to Consider

When thinking about whether your municipality or planning service agency would like to host an intern, it is important to consider the following program expectations and requirements of the organization and the Supervisor.

Expectations of the Host Organization

  • Host organizations should have the capacity to train interns in a wide range of activities, throughout the organization (Administrator), within the finance department (Finance Officer) or within the planning department (Land Use Planner).
  • Your organization should be able to offer an intern experiences and support that will assist him/her in pursuing a career in local government.
  • Hosting an intern requires a significant commitment of time and resources (both funding and staff).
  • The CAO /senior manager or senior finance officer or agency Director must be able to supervise the intern for the duration of the internship so that the intern is exposed at the senior level to the issues and activities involved with managing and providing municipal services.
  • Both the municipal council and administration need to be in support of hosting an intern to help ensure the experience is successful for both the intern and host organization.
  • The ministry undertakes the recruitment of intern candidates and receives all candidate applications. The applications are shortlisted and compiled into customized CDs for each host which will contain only those applications from candidates who have indicated their interest in being hosted by that organization.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Host organizations are required to designate a Supervisor for the intern who will work with the intern during the year to accomplish the Workplan tasks, focus on professional development goals, and help the intern establish a network in the municipal field. After being selected to host, the designated intern supervisor will receive a Supervisor Handbook. This helps the supervisor prepare both him/herself and the organization for hosting an intern.
  • Supervisors are to hire an intern from the short list of candidate applications provided by Alberta Municipal Affairs. Hosts should be prepared to begin their hiring process shortly after receiving their CD of applications in mid-February.
  • Supervisors are required to complete grant and program reporting at specific times during the internship.
  • Supervisors are expected to attend Ministry Internship workshops during the internship:
  1. Supervisor Orientation: held in late April, prior to the intern’s start date. This session helps Supervisors prepare both themselves and their organizations for the arrival of their intern, and subsequent plan for the year.
  2. Supervisor Day (during Intern Orientation): held on one day during Intern Orientation in late May or early June. This session provides an opportunity to interact with all of the interns and supervisors in the program and discuss initial experiences.
  3. Supervisor Day (during Intern Executive Session): help on one day during Intern Executive Session in late October/early November. This session allows supervisors to meet to discuss experiences in the first six months of the internship, engage in a professional development with their interns, and explore options and ideas for the next six months.
  4. Supervisor Wrap-Up: held in conjunction with the Supervisor Orientation at the end of one year (for Administrator and Finance Officer hosts) or two years (for Land Use Planner hosts). As experienced supervisors, advice, suggestions and feedback is provided to the upcoming hosts as they prepare to host an intern. Supervisors can also provide feedback to program staff on their experiences.