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Why Be Part of the Program?

Important Notice

Please note that this website is being phased out as of December 1, 2018. The new Municipal Internship Program website and information about the 2019 Municipal Internship Program can be found at:

Why be an Intern?

Participants in the Municipal Internship Program have a unique opportunity to begin their professional careers in a role that is unlike many "first" jobs after completing their education.

hands-on experience + learning + mentoring + professional development

As an intern you will …

… be coached and supported by senior municipal staff

Intern supervisors are senior staff who will mentor, coach, and help support you in your learning and development. Often you will participate in management team meetings in your organization, which will afford you an overall perspective on the challenges and rewards of working in the municipal field.

… gain extensive knowledge of municipal management, finance and/or planning

Through reading, researching, job shadowing, and Workplan activities, combined with extensive hands-on experiences throughout the organization, you will build a solid base of knowledge about municipal government.

… build your skills

The type of work undertaken by staff in the municipal organizations hosting interns will provide you learning experiences in key skill areas that will be critical to your career success.

… participate in a wide variety of municipal activities

Interns in the Administrator stream of the Internship Program will spend time in each of their host organization’s key department areas. Some of the activities interns may be part of include:

  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of council and administration;
  • Assisting with the preparation of operating and capital budgets;
  • Drafting bylaws;
  • Preparing the agenda for the regular council/committee meetings;
  • Interacting with various boards and committees;
  • Exploring economic development issues;
  • Handling public and research inquiries; and
  • Researching policy issues.

Interns in the accounting/finance stream of the Internship Program will focus on activities undertaken in the finance department, which may include:

  • Completing Accounts Payable  / Accounts receivables;
  • Collaborating with other departments on 5 and10 year budgeting forecasts; 
  • Researching additional streams of income;
  • Completing the Financial Infomation Return;
  • Attending budget discussions with each department;
  • Assisting with payroll; and
  • Presenting to Council.

Interns in the land use planning and development stream of the Internship Program will focus mainly on activities undertaken in the planning department, which may include:

  • Processing development permits;
  • Assisting with overviews of municipal development and area structure plans;
  • Planning and attending public hearings;
  • Working with various planning documents;
  • Interacting with other municipal planning departments;
  • Conducting site inspections; and
  • Preparing and presenting policy documents.

… establish an extensive network of professionals in the municipal field

A strong network is key to career success. A main focus of the Municipal Internship Program is helping you connect with municipal staff both within and outside of your organization, the other interns in your program year, alumni interns, municipal associations, Municipal Affairs staff, and other professionals who can help support you in your work and career.

… receive a salary and support for professional development

Interns receive a salary that is appropriate for their organization and host community; the average salary is between $45,000 and $60,000. In addition, you will receive support to pursue professional development opportunities that you and your supervisor determine are most beneficial for your role in the organization and future career.

…become part of a field in which enthusiastic, passionate and skilled employees are in demand.

The municipal field is dynamic and challenging, with roles for professionals from a variety of backgrounds. The Municipal Internship Program helps you establish a foundation in the field and connect with municipal staff across the province. Although the program does not guarantee you a position after your Internship, there is high demand for more people to enter this exciting field. Internship Program staff will help prepare you to seek positions in the field and support you in your efforts.

Hear it from an intern! Check out the Intern Alumni section and the Alumni Spotlight to learn more about what it is like to be an intern and where they are now.

Looking for information about finding a career in municipal government? Check out the Alberta Learning Information Service. In the keyword search bar, search for "municipal."