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Program Resources and Training

The Municipal Internship Program provides both hands-on experience and professional development.  It's all about learning and building skills that are key to success in the public service. Internships are guided and supported by multiple resources designed specifically for this program so that interns gain maximum benefit from their experience.


The Workplan is a document that provides interns and hosts with a solid starting point for the internship, while affording a great deal of flexibility. It offers a structure to guide the training and learning to ensure that interns are exposed to key aspects of municipal administration, finance and planning and gain an understanding of municipal management and operations. The Workplan helps the intern develop competencies essential to municipal administration, finance and planning, and it sets standards in terms of the requirements to complete the internship program.


Interns are provided with a Guidebook, based on the Workplan. The Guidebook is made up of modules containing information, exercises and activities for first-hand experience in the functional areas of a municipality or planning agency.

Training Sessions

As part of the Internship Program, training sessions are provided by Municipal Affairs:

  • Orientation Sessions are held for both interns and host supervisors at the beginning of the internship year, in early June.
  • An Executive Week Session is held for interns about half way through the year. Interns are introduced to numerous ministry staff members who present information on their area of expertise. This allows the interns to make contact with key resources they may need to draw on as part of their work.
  • A Transition Session is held for the planner interns at the end of year one, to cover topics that will be prevalent as they transition into year two of their program.
  • A Wrap-Up Session is held for the administrator and finance interns at the end of year one to discuss what they have learned during their internship, their future plans, and their recommendations for changes to the program based on their own experiences.