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How Do I Apply?

Important Notice

Please note that this website is being phased out as of December 1, 2018. The new Municipal Internship Program website and information about the 2019 Municipal Internship Program can be found at:

Important Notice:

Please note that the deadline to apply to the 2018 Alberta Municipal Internship Program has passed and applications will not be accepted unless an extension was granted prior to the deadline.


Application Package for 2018 Internships

To apply to the Municipal Internship Program you must submit the intern application package to Alberta Municipal Affairs by January 31, 2018 at 12:00 PM (MST).

Application Packages must be complete (incomplete packages will not be considered).  The application package is made up of the following documents. Scroll down the page for more details on each component.

  1. Application Form;
  2. Cover letter;
  3. Resume;
  4. Candidate Profile; and
  5. Two letters of reference (e.g. character, work/volunteer, educational).

Applications must be received by January 31, 2018 at 12:00 PM (noon) (MST).  Applications will not be accepted after this time. If you would like a calendar reminder of the application deadline, please download the calendar file.

Applications may be sent by mail, courier, or email to:


Municipal Internship Program
Alberta Municipal Affairs
17th Floor, Commerce Place
10155 - 102 Street NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 4L4

Phone: 780-427-2225
Toll Free in Alberta: 310-0000 [and dial 780-427-2225]

Note: You can apply to more than one stream of the Program if you are eligible for each of them. You must send in a completely separate, customized application package for each stream.

Application Details

1. Application Form

The Application Form is a required form that must be attached to your application package. This form is fillable but must be signed and scanned.

2. Cover Letter

The letter can be generically addressed to "Dear Recruiter", "Dear Hiring Manager", or "To the Selection Committee." If you wish, you may submit a customized letter for each host organization you have selected on your application form.

3. Resume

Ensure your resume contains your contact information, including mailing address, phone number, and email address.

4. Candidate Profile

Your Candidate Profile is your opportunity to show why you think you should be selected as an intern.  Use this Profile to tell why you are interested in municipal government and what skills and abilities you have that may not show up on your resume.  Your Profile can be written in any format you choose (e.g. essay, bullets, letter, mini portfolio). Please limit your candidate profile to two letter-size (8.5" x 11") pages or less.

5. Reference Letters

Depending on the preference of the reference, the letters can either be sent directly to Municipal Affairs by mail or by email, or be included in your application package. The letters can be genericly addressed to “Dear Recruiter”, "Dear Hiring Manager" or “To the Selection Committee”. Letters must be received by the application deadline. If the referee is sending the letter directly to Municipal Affairs, the applicant's name should be in the email and/or letter subject line.

Additional Requirements

  • If applications are submitted electronically by email, attachments must be in PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) formats and less than 5MB in size in total.
  • Scanned documents should be at 300dpi resolution.
  • Electronic documents should not be password-protected.

Intern Selection Process

1) Submit Application

Ensure that you have all six pieces of your application package submitted by 12:00 PM (noon) (Mountain Standard Time) January 31, 2018.

2) Status of Application

You will be notified by email within two weeks after the intern application deadline whether or not your application has been shortlisted.  If your application has been shortlisted, then it will be sent to the hosts you selected.

3) Interviews

Once the host organizations receive their shortlisted applications, they will conduct their own interviews.  Depending on the availability of the interview panel at each organization, you may be contacted anywhere from one to four weeks after the hosts receive their applications.

There is the possibility that you may be offered an interview by more than one host.  Although hosts are aware that candidates may have more than one interview, keep in mind that they are looking to find the best candidate for their organization – just like a regular job competition.  Hosts do their best to accommodate your schedule, but this may not always be possible.  Therefore, in order to make the interview process run smoothly for both the hosts and intern candidates, please only accept interviews at locations you know you would be willing to move to, if offered the job.

4) Offer of Employment

Once each host has completed their interviews, most will likely proceed with verbal offers. A verbal offer will generally provide you the basic details of your employment to consider before accepting the position.

You may request to see a written offer letter before providing a verbal acceptance. Be clear with the host that you are requesting further details before verbally accepting, because in some instances, a verbal offer can be considered legally binding.

After you have verbally accepted, you will be sent an offer letter to sign (if you have not previously reviewed it) to formally accept the position.  Once your letter is signed, you are an official participant in the Municipal Internship Program.  Congratulations!

Things to Keep in Mind During the Interview Process

If you are interviewed by more than one host, there is the possibility that you may end up receiving multiple employment offers.  It is reasonable to request one to two days to make your decision.  Remember that each host has a limited amount of time in order to complete their hiring process, so they will generally require an answer shortly after the verbal offer is made.  Be sure to confirm how much time the host will give you to advise them of your decision.

You may decide after reviewing the offer letter that the position is not what you expected, in which case you may respectfully decline.  However, do consider the impression of yourself that you are leaving with an organization if you first accept, then decline, a verbal offer.  All hosts involved in the program are in contact with one another during the hiring process.  The supervisors from each host organization also attend ministry training sessions with their intern throughout the year.  You will see the people who you interviewed with at other organizations at ministry training sessions and conferences throughout your internship year.

The personal information you are providing is being collected to support the administration of the Municipal Internship Program and is authorized under section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act.  The personal information will be managed in accordance with the privacy provisions of the FOIP Act.;

If you have any questions concerning the collection of this information, please contact the Internship and Education team at 780-427-2225 or email at:, or by writing to the Manager, Internships, 17th Floor, Commerce Place, 10155 - 102 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4L4.