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How to Apply


Participants in the Municipal Internship Program have a unique opportunity to begin their professional careers in a role that is unlike many "first" jobs after completing their education.

As an intern you will…

  • Be coached and supported by senior municipal staff
  • Gain extensive knowledge of municipal management and/or planning
  • Build your skills through hands-on experience
  • Participate in a wide variety of municipal activities
  • Establish an extensive network of professional in the municipal field
  • Receive a salary and support for professional development
  • Become part of a field in which enthusiastic, passionate and skilled employees are in demand

To learn more on how to apply to be an intern, click here.



As a host organization in the Municipal Internship Program, you have a unique opportunity to help train, develop, and mentor a new professional in the municipal field.

As a host you can...

  • Help develop future municipal leaders and build the capacity of municipal governments
  • Bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to your organization
  • Share you experiences in municipal administration and planning
  • Possibly discover a new employee to address succession planning need in your organization
  • Work with interns who are educated, energetic and want to contribute
  • Gains assistance with special projects

To learn more on how to apply as an host, click here.