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How to Apply

Important Notice

Please note that this website is being phased out as of December 1, 2018. The new Municipal Internship Program website and information about the 2019 Municipal Internship Program can be found at:


Participants in the Municipal Internship Program have a unique opportunity to begin their professional careers in a role that is unlike many "first" jobs after completing their education.

As an intern you will…

  • Be coached and supported by senior municipal staff
  • Gain extensive knowledge of municipal management and/or planning
  • Build your skills through hands-on experience
  • Participate in a wide variety of municipal activities
  • Establish an extensive network of professional in the municipal field
  • Receive a salary and support for professional development
  • Become part of a field in which enthusiastic, passionate and skilled employees are in demand

To learn more on how to apply to be an intern, click here.



As a host organization in the Municipal Internship Program, you have a unique opportunity to help train, develop, and mentor a new professional in the municipal field.

As a host you can...

  • Help develop future municipal leaders and build the capacity of municipal governments
  • Bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to your organization
  • Share you experiences in municipal administration and planning
  • Possibly discover a new employee to address succession planning need in your organization
  • Work with interns who are educated, energetic and want to contribute
  • Gains assistance with special projects

To learn more on how to apply as an host, click here.