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Why Be Part of the Program?

Important Notice

Please note that this website is being phased out as of December 1, 2018. The new Municipal Internship Program website and information about the 2019 Municipal Internship Program can be found at:

As a host organization in the Municipal Internship Program, you have a unique opportunity to help train, develop, and mentor a new professional in the municipal field. As a host you can...

… help develop future municipal leaders and build the capacity of municipal governments

Alberta’s municipalities are faced with ongoing challenges in finding staff to help accomplish their many important responsibilities. As increasing numbers of senior administrators retire, the need for new professionals in the field grows. Organizations who are willing to help train and support these new professionals play a significant role in increasing the capacity of the field.

… bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to your organization

Interns in this program come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, and have varying degrees and types of work experience. This means they bring new ideas and fresh perspectives that may be of value to your organization. Sometimes a new set of eyes or a new question can create valuable discussion in your organization.

… share your experiences in municipal administration and planning

Host organizations are a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. Interns are eager to learn from this experience, develop their skills, and be supported as they too establish themselves in the municipal field. Hands-on learning and observation is a highly effective means of learning, and are unique opportunities host organizations can provide to these recent graduates.

… possibly discover a new employee to address succession planning needs in your organization

The ministry promotes and markets the Internship Program to post secondary students, and coordinates collection of application packages. You will receive a customized CD of applications from graduates who are interested in being part of your organization. You will be able to interview and select the right person for your organization. Although it is not a requirement to hire the intern at the completion of the internship, many interns continue on with their organization in a permanent role.

… work with interns who are educated, energetic, and want to contribute

To be eligible for the Internship Program, candidates must meet a number of criteria, including a recently-completed degree or diploma, an interest in learning about municipal management, finance and/or planning, and the desire to work in the public service and establish a career in the municipal field. Interns bring with them a great enthusiasm for learning, new perspectives, strong educational backgrounds, and a willingness to contribute to your organization.

… gain assistance with special projects

Because of their education, energy, and desire for learning, interns are generally interested in participating in special projects during their internship. Being involved in initiatives that are important to the organization helps the intern demonstrate their current skills, while building new ones and increasing their knowledge. It can also be an opportunity to show leadership, manage deadlines, and allow them to demonstrate how their efforts have contributed to the organization.

Planning for your intern to be involved in special projects should be done while keeping in mind the expectations of the Program Workplan — it has been designed so that the interns are exposed to key aspects of municipal administration or planning. Depending upon the nature of the special project, it may be beneficial to the intern’s experience; however, the project should be only a small part of the intern’s activities during the year and should relate directly to their training and development in municipal administration or planning.

You are supported throughout the internship by a dedicated team!

As a host municipality or planning service agency, you will receive support from Alberta Municipal Affairs in a number of ways. First, each host receives a grant to help offset the costs of hosting an intern. Second, host supervisors are provided with a Workplan to help structure the intern’s learning, a guidebook of reference material, and other professional development resources specifically created for this program. Third, supervisors take part in a supervisor orientation session to begin the year and are included in other workshops throughout the year. Finally, the Internship Program team is always available to discuss concerns, ideas, and plans so that both supervisor and intern have a positive experience.