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What is the Municipal Internship Program?

Important Notice

Please note that this website is being phased out as of December 1, 2018. The new Municipal Internship Program website and information about the 2019 Municipal Internship Program can be found at:

The Municipal Internship Program is a partnership between Alberta Municipal Affairs and Alberta municipalities and planning service agencies. The objective of the program is to encourage recent post-secondary graduates to consider a career in municipal administration, land use planning or finance.

The Program offers interns the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a municipal organization for a 12-month (Administrator or Finance Officer) or 24-month (Land Use Planner) period. Municipalities and planning service agencies are a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, and interns are eager to learn from this experience and be supported as they establish themselves in the municipal field.

Host organizations receive a grant to help offset the costs of hosting an intern. Internship Program staff work with the hosts throughout the internship period to ensure the experience is beneficial to both hosts and interns.

Grant Funding

Each host organization is provided with a $43,000 grant from Alberta Municipal Affairs. The grant funding designates $35,000 towards the intern’s wage, $2,000 for benefits, $6,000 for expenses.

Hosts are expected to supplement the intern's wage above the $35,000 provided by the ministry. The final wage offer should reflect the cost of living in the municipality as well as the relevant staff pay scales.

For the Land Use Planner hosts in the second year, a grant of $23,000 is provided. The grant funding designates $20,000 towards the intern’s wage, $2,000 for benefits and $1,000 professional development expenses.