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How Do I Apply?

Information for June 2017

The Application Form and Guidelines for the 2018 program will be available shortly.  Check back here for updates! 

The application deadline for the 2018 program will be September 1, 2017.

There will be 15 internship positions for the 2018 program.

Alberta Community Partnership Online (ACPO)

You can now apply for the Municipal Internship Program through the ACPO, which enables applications to be submitted online.  Learn more about the ACPO by clicking here. Municipalities will need access to MAConnect in order to use the ACPO. If your municipality does not already have access, visit the ACP website for directions on how to request it.  Scroll down to "Application and Reporting Deadlines" for the directions and contact information.

To help you prepare your application, below is the list of questions that your organization will need to answer in the Application Form.

You will also need to consider your financial contribution to the program.  The total grant amount available for 2018 for Administrator and Finance Officer interns is $43,000 ($35,000 for salary, $2,000 for benefits and $6,000 for intern expenses). The total amount for land use planner interns is $64,500) [Same amount as above for first year, $21,500 for second year ($19,000 for salary, $1,000 for benefits and $1,500 for professional development)]. Hosts located 200 km or more from Edmonton will also receive an additional travel stipend amount to assist with professional development travel costs for their interns.


1. Why is your organization interested in hosting an intern?


2. Considering that interns are recent graduates who typically consider training and development opportunities high priority items in their careers, what unique features does your organization have to offer an intern in the areas of: a) Learning Opportunities?  b) Staff skills and experience (e.g. opportunities for mentoring)? c) Unique projects or experiences?  d) Location benefits (e.g. services, unique geographical features)?


3. An intern will be expected to contribute to your organization; however he/she is not to be considered a temporary staff person to cover the other employee absences.  a) What do you expect an intern to bring to your organization? b) How do you anticipate balancing the day-to-day priorities of the municipality with the workplan focus on training and development?


4. The Program workplan requires that host organizations provide experience in a wide variety of functional areas to interns. When considering the variety of activities undertaken in your organization, in what areas does your organization: a) Have the greatest strength (e.g. extensive work in particular areas)? b) Have a shortage of activities or expertise (e.g. limited variety) and how will your organization address these shortages or lack of activities to ensure your intern gains experience in all areas?


5.Who is the intended supervisor? What position does this person hold? What professional, supervisory and/or mentoring skills does this person possess that will help him/her be an effective supervisor?


6. Hosts are expected to commit financial resources to this program. However, a successful host-intern partnership also depends upon the organization's dedication of staff resources to the program. What is the staff complement of your organization and what will their role be in supporting the supervisor and intern?


NOTE:  Applications need only be submitted using ONE method (online, email, mail, or fax).

Selection process for host organizations

  1. Organizations interested in hosting an intern submit applications for the Alberta Community Partnership Grant Program [Municipal Internship (MI) component] to the ministry by September 1, 2017.
  2. A ministry selection panel reviews all applications received and recommends the organizations to be selected.  Selection is based on the attributes of the organization as reflected in the application, as well as ensuring a balance of:
    1. new and repeat hosts;
    2. geographically dispersed locations;
    3. large and small municipalities;
    4. urban and rural centres; and
    5. regional partnering.
  3. The list of recommended hosts is sent to the Minister of Municipal Affairs for approval.  All applicants will be notified in writing whether or not they have been selected as a host.
  4. Selected host organizations will also be contacted by Internship Program staff to provide further detail on the Program and administrative requirements.