How do I find out about Municipalities and Municipal Officials?

Check the links to find out about municipal associations, where municipalities are located, who is on the local council, and the roles and responsibilities of municipalities and municipal officials.

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

The AUMA is an association of the urban municipalities in Alberta. It provides leadership in advocating local government interests to the provincial government and other organizations, and provides services that address the needs of its membership.

Association of Summer Villages of Alberta

A not for profit association that provides a common forum for all Summer Villages in the Province of Alberta.

Municipal Officials Search

Search for municipal officials throughout the Province of Alberta.

Municipal Profiles

Profiles of each of Alberta's municipalities, including location, population, elected officials, history, revenues, tax rates, and more.

Municipal Affairs Population Lists

Municipal Affairs population lists for the Province of Alberta.

Teaching About Local Government in Alberta

Alberta Municipal Affairs has developed two new resources to help students become more aware of local government. These resources are for both teachers and municipal officials are intended to help students understand local government as a form of government and as a future career opportunity.

The Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties

The AAMD&C is a progressive Association of elected rural Councils, representing the interests of rural Albertans, and committed to excellence in meeting the diverse and changing needs of its membership

What are Municipalities?

often associate municipalities with our municipal councils and the people who serve as elected officials on those councils. Municipalities also provide essential, local services such as road maintenance, water and sewer services, and garbage collection. Municipalities share the characteristics of having land and boundaries, providing residents with ways to make decisions about local issues, and being a focus for community activities.

  • Date modified: 2016-12-22