Southern Alberta Flood Response Program

The Southern Alberta Flood Response Program was established to ensure municipalities impacted by the June 2013 floods have the supports and resources they need to undertake recovery efforts. Funding through this program supports the flood recovery vision of “honouring Albertans by supporting the social, environmental, and economic recovery of the province and it’s communities, industries and families to provide a healthy and resilient Alberta for future and current generations.”

All municipalities that were directly impacted by the floods, as well as the Townsite of Redwood Meadows Administration Society, are eligible to apply for funding assistance for additional staff during the recovery process and property tax revenue stabilization. This funding will help to ensure that municipalities have the necessary resources to implement recovery projects and begin the rebuilding process. Additional qualifying project types may be approved in the future and would be communicated to municipalities at that time, as well as posted on this website.

The program is administered under a memorandum of agreement, which provides a framework for how a grant may be applied for, approved, and used, in accordance with the administrative guidelines. To apply for funding, municipalities must submit an application form to Municipal Affairs. Municipal Affairs will review the application, and if the project meets the eligibility criteria, approve the application. Municipalities must report on the use of the funds provided by May 1 of the following year.

Funding provided for projects under the program may be used as the municipal contribution to or be combined with funding from other provincial-municipal or federal-municipal grant programs, unless doing so is prohibited by that program. 

If you have any questions, please contact a grants advisor at 780-427-2225, toll free by first dialing 310-0000, or by email at

Application Form

Operating Application Form

Administrative Guidelines


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