Federal Gas Tax Fund


The federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF) was confirmed as part of the federal Budget 2014, and will run from 2014 to 2024. As part of the New Building Canada Plan, the renewed federal GTF provides predictable, long-term, stable funding for Canadian municipalities to help them build and revitalize their local public infrastructure while creating jobs and long term prosperity. Under the GTF, Alberta is expected to receive $229 million in 2018-19, for a total of $1.08 billion since 2014-15.

GTF funding is provided to provinces and territories which in turn flow this funding to municipalities. Municipalities can pool, bank and borrow against this funding, providing significant financial flexibility.

Under the program municipalities determine projects and activities to be funded by the GTF based on local priorities, within the general qualification criteria set out in the administrative guidelines. The funding provided under this program is in addition to other provincial grant funding, such as the Municipal Sustainability Initiative, and non-grant funding of municipal infrastructure. It is intended to cover capital costs only and may not be used for maintenance costs, operating costs, debt reduction, or replacement of existing municipal infrastructure expenditures.

What's New

GTF Online:

  • A new system - GTF Online - has been developed; GTF will no longer be administered through MGMA.
  • GTF access to MGMA ended November 26, 2017. MGMA is still active for AB Transportation's programs (i.e. STIP).
  • Access to GTF Online is anticipated in early spring.
  • Additional information is available on the Materials and Resources page.

Key changes to the GTF for 2018 include:

  • GTF allocations have been recalculated to reflect the 2018 program budget and Municipal Affairs 2017 Population List.
  • 2018 GTF program guidelines are expected soon.


For More Information

If you have questions about the GTF program, we'd like to hear from you. You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Date modified: 2018-03-22