Arctic Shores Exhibit - Edmonton Valley Zoo

The new Arctic Shores habitat is part of an overall transformation of the Zoo to become more sustainable and offer a more intimate experience for visitors. Many thanks to the Province for their contribution to the construction of this unique facility. -Mayor Stephen Mandel

Thanks in part to the MSI program, the new Arctic habitat at the Edmonton Valley Zoo is now open. The new exhibit is home to Hula and Makani, the zoo’s seals, and Nauticus, the sea lion. The exhibit recreates an Arctic shoreline, including northern landscapes.  Visitors to Arctic Shores can view the seals and sea lion through an underwater viewing area as they swim, work with staff in the training area, or slide in and out of the underwater access way to their indoor pool.

“I have no doubt the seals, sea lion and other animals will thoroughly enjoy their new home and everyone who visits the Edmonton Valley Zoo will enjoy watching them” said Doug Griffiths, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “This project is a great example of MSI being used to build not just a better zoo but a better Edmonton as well.”

The seals and sea lion now have more room to swim, play and interact with each other. Eventually they will be joined by northern fur seals. Arctic fox and ground squirrels will also live in the new habitat.

In keeping with the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s commitment to the environment, Arctic Shores has been created with many sustainable features, including a green roof to minimize water runoff, capturing, treatment and reuse of storm water; filtering and treating the water in the seal/sea lion pools on site with a combination of mechanical equipment and subsurface saltwater wetland so it can be re-circulated in the animals' aquatic home; drought-tolerant planting and dark-sky-compliant exterior lighting. Arctic Shores is just the first stage in the zoo’s ongoing transformation.

Project Details

MSI contribution:

$7 million

Total project cost:

$16.7 million

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