Building Codes & Standards

This section links you to information on where the following Codes and Standards are available. Most Codes and Standards are published by external organizations and are not available on-line.

  • Alberta Building Code 2006 (Printed Copies) (to purchase)
  • Alberta Building Code Amendment Regulation (High Intensity Residential Fires)
  • Replacement pages for the Alberta Building Code 2006
  • Alberta Building Code Errata 2006 

    New Alberta Building, Fire and Energy Codes Notice 

  • Relocatable Industrial Accommodation

    Changes have been made to the Part 10 Quality Management System for factory-built relocatable industrial accommodation units for all out-of-province and out-of-country manufacturing facilities. These changes provide the capacity for national and international on-site factory inspection for compliance to the Part 10 Quality Management System and the Safety Codes Act by third party certification bodies accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. Click here for more details.

    All in-province manufacturing facilities will continue under the existing Part 10 quality management system. Consultation with municipalities and stakeholders will take place at a future date with regard to the quality management system for in-province manufacturing facilities.

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