Director's Rulings 1997

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Index Director's Ruling Index  Current Status*
97-DR-001 Sprinkler Systems  Not reissued
97-DR-002 "Water Supply for Fire Fighting" Requirements for Additions to Existing Buildings and Changes in Major Occupancy  Not reissued
97-DR-003R1 Fire Alarm Verification Certificates  Reissued as 06-BCI-001
97-DR-004 Garden Suites  Not reissued
97-DR-005 Lowered Work Spaces in Service Garages  Reissued as 06-BCV-007
97-DR-006 Building Requirements, Day Care Centres  Reissued as 06-BCB-003
97-DR-007 Building Requirements, Extended Hour Day Care Centres  Not reissued
97-DR-008 Grade Beam and Pile foundations for Attached Garages to Detached Single Family Dwellings  Not reissued
97-DR-009 Protective Covers for Hot Tubs  Reissued as 06-BCV-006
97-DR-010 Canadian Wood Council Span tables  Reissued as 06-BCV-003
97-DR-011 Identification of the Fire Fighter's Elevator in High Buildings  Not reissued
97-DR-012 Washroom Requirements for Low Occupancy Loads and Small Mercantile Occupancies  Not reissued
97-DR-013 Assistive Listening Devices  Not reissued
97-DR-014 Occupancy Classification of Curling Arenas  Not reissued
97-DR-015 Separation of Suites in Strip Malls  Reissued as 06-BCV-002
97-DR-016 Wandering Patient Security Systems  Not reissued
97-DR-017 Bare Land Condominiums  Reissued as 06-BCI-004
97-DR-018 Single Family Dwellings Governed by Part 3 of the Alberta Building Code  Not reissued
97-DR-019 Polyethylene Film for Greenhouse Enclosures  Reissued as 06-BCV-008
97-DR-020 Determination of Grade  Reissued as 06-BCI-013
97-DR-021 Storage Racking Systems  Reissued as 06-BCV-011
97-DR-022 Requirements for Oil and Gas Production Facilities  Reissued as 06-BCV-001
97-DR-023R2 Fire Protection for Washroom and Kitchen Exhaust Ductwork in Residential Occupancies of Combustible Construction  Reissued as 06-BCV-004
97-DR-024 Mezzanines - Residential Occupancies Combustible Construction  Not reissued
97-DR-025 Assurance of Structural Sufficiency in the Design of One and Two Family Dwellings Incorporating Manufactured Structural Components  Reissued as 06-BCI-015
97-DR-026 Zero Lot Line Developments  Under development
97-DR-027 Water Supply for Fire Fighting  Reissued as 06-BCV-014
97-DR-028R1 Single Family Dwelling Units - Tall Walls Generic Engineering Details  Reissued as 06-BCI-018
97-DR-029 Fuel-Fired Heating Appliances for Relocatable Industrial Accommodation  Not reissued
97-DR-030 Natural Gas Regulating and Metering Station Buildings  Reissued as 06-BCI-002
97-DR-031 Residential-Type Elevating Devices for the Physically Disabled in Common Areas of Condominium Projects  Not reissued
97-DR-032R1 Fire and Sound Resistance of Building Assemblies  Not reissued
97-DR-033 Limited Use Limited Application (LULA) Elevators  Reissued as 06-BCV-005
97-DR-034 Dielectric-Filled Pad-Mounted Transformers   Not reissued
97-DR-035 Referenced Standards for Concrete   Not reissued

* STANDATA that are "Not reissued" means that they have been evaluated by Alberta Municipal Affairs and Building Technical Council and have been deemed to be unnecessary under the new code. The reasons for not reissuing are specific to each STANDATA, such as not being a relevant issue anymore or that the issue is covered by current code requirments. These STANDATA are still valid for determining code compliance of existing buildings.

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