Director's Interpretations 1997

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Index Director's Interpretation Index  Current Status*
97-DI-001R1 Administrative Guide for Steel Structures and Metal Building Systems  Not reissued
97-DI-002R2 Professional Involvement in Projects, Responsibilities, the Schedules, and Seals/Stamps on Construction Documents  Not reissued

Reissued as a Director's Ruling (97-DR-026)

97-DI-004 Relocatable School Buildings Fire Fighting Access and Water Supply  Not reissued
97-DI-005 Reissued as a Director's Ruling (97-DR-027)  N/A
97-DI-006 Combustion Air for Dwelling Units  Not reissued
97-DI-007 Commercial Cooking Equipment Vapour Removal Systems  Not reissued
97-DI-008R1 Stairs within Dwelling Units  Reissued as 06-BCI-016
97-DI-009R1 Hydronic Heating Systems  Reissued as 06-BCI-012
97-DI-010 Minimum Thickness of Footings  Reissued as 06-BCI-014
97-DI-011 Sprinkler Protection for Fixed Glazing in Fire Resistant Wall Assemblies  Reissued as 06-BCV-010
97-DI-012 Interior Stairways for Roof Access  Reissued as 06-BCV-009
97-DI-013RI Occupancy of Uncompleted Buildings  Reissued as 06-BCB-002
97-DI-014 Visual Signal Devices for Fire Alarm Systems  Reissued as 06-BCI-011
97-DI-015 Buildings Used for the Storage, Repair or Servicing of Tank Vehicles  Reissued as 06-BCI-008
97-DI-016 Commercial Cooking Equipment Exhaust and Replacement Air Systems  Not reissued
97-DI-017 Classrooms in Other Than School Buildings  Not reissued
97-DI-018 Chlorine Rooms Containing Gaseous Chlorine  Reissued as 06-BCI-003
97-DI-019 Occupancy Classification of Buildings for Emergency Response Vehicles and Personnel  Reissued as 06-BCI-020
97-DI-020 Verification of Addition and Alterations to Existing Fire Alarm Systems  Not reissued
97-DI-021 Agricultural Chemical Storage Warehouses  Not reissued
97-DI-022 Premanufactured Solariums, Greenhouses and Sunrooms for Residential Use  Reissued as 06-BCI-009
97-DI-023 Re-Issued as an Information Bulletin (97-IB-019)  N/A
97-DI-024 Seed Cleaning Plants  Not reissued
97-DI-025 Replacement of Central Heating Furnaces in Single Family Residences  Not reissued
97-DI-026 Barrier-Free Requirements for Residential Suites  Reissued as 06-BCI-010
97-DI-027 Group Homes  Not reissued
97-DI-028  [Withdrawn] Incorporated with 97-DI-002R2 Responsibilities, Professional Involvement and Schedules  N/A
97-DI-029  [Withdrawn]Heating Ductwork for Slab-on-Ground  N/A
97-DI-030 Roof Anchor Requirements  Reissued as 06-BCI-006
97-DI-031  Secondary Suites  Reissued as 06-BCI-007

* STANDATA that are "Not reissued" means that they have been evaluated by Alberta Municipal Affairs and Building Technical Council and have been deemed to be unnecessary under the new code. The reasons for not reissuing are specific to each STANDATA, such as not being a relevant issue anymore or that the issue is covered by current code requirements. These STANDATA are still valid for determining code compliance of existing buildings.
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