Information Bulletins 1997

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97-IB-001 Mechanical Ventilation for Residential Dwellings  Not reissued
97-IB-002 Information to be Included on Plans or in Specifications  Not reissued
97-IB-003R3 Manufactured Homes and Industrial Relocatable Accommodation  Not reissued
97-IB-004 Occasional Use of Arenas for Trade Shows  Not reissued
97-IB-005 Paint Spray Operations (General)  Not reissued
97-IB-006 Paint Spray Operations (Commercial Body Shops for Automobile and Truck)  Not reissued
97-IB-007 Occupancy of School Buildings Undergoing Alterations  Not reissued
97-IB-008 Guidelines for Determination of Occupant Load  Not reissued
97-IB-009R1 The Application of the Alberta Building Code to Buildings Located on Farms  Not reissued
97-IB-010 Air Contaminants that cause Corrosion of Furnaces, Vent Connectors and Chimneys (Gas Vents)  Reissued as 06-BCB-005
97-IB-011 Moisture Barriers (Dampproofing) for Foundation Walls that are Below Grade  Not reissued
97-IB-012  [Withdrawn] See 97-IB-035 Asbestos Abatement - Where to Obtain Building Permits  N/A
97-IB-013  [Withdrawn]See 97-IB-035 Asbestos Abatement - Items to be Assessed for Building Permit  N/A
97-IB-014  [Withdrawn]See 97-IB-035 Asbestos in Existing Buildings  N/A
97-IB-015 Unsafe Conditions (With or Without Imminent Serious Danger) Procedures for Safety Codes Officers in the Building Discipline  Not reissued
97-IB-016 Nonflammable Medical Gas Piping Systems  Not reissued
97-IB-017R1 Submission Requirements for Renovation Work on Automatic Sprinkler Systems  Not reissued
97-IB-018 Airport Vicinity Protection Area (AVPA) Regulations - Part 11 Alberta Building Code 1997  Not reissued
97-IB-019R1 Door Release Hardware For Exit Doors Articles and  Not reissued
97-IB-020R1 New Products, Materials and Systems Used in Building Construction  Not reissued
97-IB-021 Single Storey Mini-Storage Warehouses  Not reissued
97-IB-022R1 Storeys of Combustible Construction Constructed Above Storeys of Noncombustible Construction  Not reissued
97-IB-023R2 The Selection and Use of Wood-Based Rim Boards in Alberta  Not reissued
97-IB-024 Steel Piles - Building Foundations  Not reissued
97-IB-025 Washrooms in Strip Malls  Not reissued
97-IB-026 Exterior Wall Assemblies for Residential Buildings  Not reissued
97-IB-027 Temporary Bleachers  Not reissued
97-IB-028  [Withdrawn]Manufactured Stone and Brick Used in Exterior Cladding Systems  N/A
97-IB-029 Wet Chemical Systems  Reissued as 06-BCB-008
97-IB-030 Building Code Amendment Regulation  Not reissued
97-IB-031R1 Stucco Exterior Cladding for Housing  Not reissued
97-IB-033 Building Heights, Building Area, and Floor Area  Not reissued
97-IB-034 Design and Installation of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Ductwork Systems  Not reissued
97-IB-035R1 Asbestos Abatement Transfer  Reissued as 06-BCB-006
97-IB-036 Park Model Trailers  Not reissued
97-IB-037R1 Manufactured Homes (CAN/CSA-A277 and CAN/CSA-Z240 MH)  Not reissued
97-IB-038 Ventilation Air for Dwelling Units in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings  Reissued as 06-BCB-007
97-IB-039 Building Materials with Low Heat Tolerance  Not reissued
97-IB-040 Fireplace Inserts for Factory-Built Fireplaces  Not reissued
97-IB-041R1 Ductwork Systems for Solid-Fuel Appliances  Reissued as 06-BCB-004
97-IB-042 Adjustable Steel Columns in Residential Occupancies  Not reissued
97-IB-043 Building and Fire Code Amendment Regulations for Secondary Suites  Not reissued

* STANDATA that are "Not reissued" means that they have been evaluated by Alberta Municipal Affairs and Building Technical Council and have been deemed to be unnecessary under the new code. The reasons for not reissuing are specific to each STANDATA, such as not being a relevant issue anymore or that the issue is covered by current code requirements. These STANDATA are still valid for determining code compliance of existing buildings.
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