Companies with a Variance to Operate

Companies with a Variance to Operate at Work Camps

The listed companies hold a current variance issued by the Administrator of Private Sewage Systems accepting the use of the company’s wastewater treatment equipment at temporary work camps.

Companies with a Variance to Operate Treatment Plants

 Alberta Gold Energy & Rentals  Flowmax Waste Management
 Apex Oilfield Services  Hart Oilfield Rentals
 Black Opal Energy Services Inc.  Horizon North Camps and Catering
 C & V Portable Accommodations Ltd.  Newterra
 Chandel Equipment Rentals  Phoenix Treatment Systems
 Clean Harbor Inc.  Polar Septic Systems
 Clearbakk Energy Services Ltd.  Precision Rentals/Terra Water Systems
 DC Environmental Services  Remote Waste LP
 Denali Oilfield Services  Sustainable Water Solutions Inc.
 Exacto Sewage Treatment  Unity Resource Solutions
 FilterBoxx Energy Services  Waste Treatment Solutions
   XLT Energy Rentals


Companies with a Variance to Operate Holding Tanks

 Alberta Gold Energy & Rentals  Remote Waste LP
 C & V Portable Accommodations Ltd.  Sherlock Septic Services Inc.
 Denali Oilfield Services  Streamline Mechanical L.P.
 FilterBoxx Energy Services  Sustainable Water Solutions Inc.
 Lagrange Mechanical Services  Waste Treatment Solutions
 Phoenix Treatment Systems  

The variances require each company to ensure effective operation of the treatment plant and carry out regular sampling and testing of the effluent as set out in their operations and monitoring plan.

The variance held by each company accepting their wastewater treatment equipment for use in temporary work camps does not replace the requirement to obtain a site specific private sewage permit.

The variance applies to work camps generating a maximum of 25 cubic metres per day of wastewater.


  • Date modified: 2018-04-20