Licence Application

Application for New Builders

Beginning December 1, 2017, new residential home builders may apply for a licence. Application is online through the New Home Buyer Protection System Builder's Portal. Builders Require access to the portal. Builders who have registered new residential homes previously may already have access. If a builder does not already have access, they must submit a request for access to the system in order to apply for a licence. Home builders can request access to the portal by submitting a NHBPS Access Request.

Applicants must provide information about their business, including:

  • names and contact information for directors
  • photocopies of the driver's licences associated with all company directors
  • list of associated building companies
  • proof of acceptance by a warranty provider
  • any history of fraud or building-related court proceedings
  • any undischarged bankruptcies or arrangements under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act that have not been completed
  • a compliance record with safety and consumer protection legislation.

The initial application fee is $600

Provisional Licence

Eligible builders who have previously registered at least two new homes in Alberta over the past two years may qualify for a provisional licence to provide them with some additional time to submit their application for a licence.

Builders will need to ensure their New Home Buyer Protection System Builder Profile and registration in the corporate registry is up to date. The Registrar of the New Home Buyer Protection Office will review the builder's compliance with related safety and consumer protection legislation and court documents to confirm whether there is a history of fraud or building-related court proceedings. If there are not any concerns raised during review, the Registrar will mail out a Certificate of Provisional Licnence to the eligible builder.

The provisional licence is valid from the time of issue until May 1, 2018. Prior to expiry, the builder must apply for a full licence. Builders are encouraged to apply before March 30, 2018, to avoid processing delays that could impact their business.

  • Date modified: 2018-02-01