Paving Projects - Barrhead

"The County of Barrhead is pleased to partner with the Government of Alberta for these paving projects. If it weren't for the Municipal Sustainability Initiative funding, our municipality couldn't afford to do this work. By working together we are able to provide better roads for our residents to drive on." Reeve Bill Lee.

With the official sod-turning complete, work is underway on two paving projects in the County of Barrhead. The Government of Alberta is providing $2.8 million, representing 91 per cent of the total funding, for the projects through MSI.

County Reeve Bill Lee was joined by Minister Hector Goudreau and Ken Kowalski, MLA for Barrhead-Westlock on May 12 to put shovels in the ground. People who live in and travel through the area will soon enjoy a smoother drive on Township Road 594 and Township Road 615A.

This year, the County of Barrhead will receive $1.612 million in MSI funding, of which $1.396 million is for capital projects and about $215,000 is for operating projects.

Other MSI capital projects in the County of Barrhead include:

  • Paving of Township Road 590 ($1,200,617);
  • Paving Range Road 25 ($461,574); and
  • Purchasing a compactor with the Town of Barrhead ($184,000).

Since the program began in 2007, the county has received about $1.21 million in funding for MSI operating projects, which include:

  • Nearly $300,000 for local and regional library services;
  • $125,000 to support regional landfill operations;
  • About $230,000 for the regional fire department; and
  • $315,000 for the Agrena and swimming pool operating expenses.

Project Details

MSI Contribution:

$2.8 million

Total Project Costs:

$3.045 million

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