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Community Services staff are conveniently located in ten regional offices across the province to support community based initiatives. They provide customized services that enhance the capacity of community leaders, organizations, communities and networks, and government to achieve their goals, address community issues and have a positive contribution to the lives of Albertans.

We have highly skilled staff that can provide a wide range of services to meet your unique community needs. To view contact information on Community Services please click here.

The following are a number of topical areas that you may wish to discuss with us:

Collaboration & Partnerships

Today, groups can do more by working together with others who have similar goals. We can explore and provide support to your group/ coalition as you build and develop ways to work effectively as part of a partnership or collaboration.


Whether on a board of directors or in program delivery, volunteers make it happen!!! Through information or workshops we can assist you to:

  • develop a process for recruitment and retention of volunteers
  • engage and mobilize local resources
  • management and recognition of volunteers

Motivated and dedicated volunteers will contribute to a growing and thriving organization.

Fund Development

To ensure short term organizational viability and future sustainability, organizations must have a diversified revenue/income base. Our Community Development Officers can work with you to evaluate your existing services and make planned adjustments for economy and efficiency, facilitate a process to identify partnership opportunities to generate wealth though shared resources, as well as design and deliver workshops on effective fundraising practices and/or effective funding proposal development.

Workable Solutions to Overcome Conflict

There will be times in your organization when conflict arises. Sometimes it is resolved internally, but occasionally it continues and becomes divisive. When it is divisive, an outside neutral facilitator may be a first step in working towards resolution. We can provide that neutral viewpoint, assist in finding the roots of the conflict, and help to establish workable solutions.

Leading and Managing in Times of Change

Don't just cope with change - learn how to turn it into an opportunity! Change is occurring more frequently and faster today than at any time in the past, and this can be stressful to individuals, organizations and communities. By taking a look at situations from a different perspective, you can learn to lead and manage change, respond to it and actually benefit from it! We can help you learn to understand the symptoms and find solutions to turn change into opportunity!

Building On Assets

Instead of focusing on needs and dwelling on what you don't have, celebrate your successes by creating an inventory of the assets and strengths of your group or community. This will form a solid foundation from which to build momentum and further success for your community projects and initiatives! Only when you know what all of your resources and capacities are, can you take action accordingly.


It is becoming increasingly important to be able to show others that your organization, program and/or service is doing what it set out to do. It is also important to be able to see for yourselves what is working well and what improvements can be made to continue to be successful. We can assist you to plan and design a system to evaluate your overall organization, program and service to provide you with the factual data you need to move forward and achieve greater success.

Building Community Capacity

The extent to which members of a community can effectively work together to develop and sustain relationships, collectively identify and solve problems, make collective decisions, and collaborate effectively to identify goals and get work done, is the foundation of community capacity. There are many elements which contribute to the capacity of a community to be a successful, healthy, vibrant and sustainable place. Communities must be able to engage local resources, communicate effectively, come together and collectively agree on a common vision and strategic agenda for action. Also, there are many other areas within the community that could be enhanced including effective proposal writing, strategic thinking, marketing, organizational governance, and more.

Our Community Development Officers can work with you to assess your overall readiness to move forward with a plan of action, to assess your community’s existing capacity and to determine what is required to capitalize on success.


The Community Development Officers in your area have developed a great network of connections through our work over the years. We can assist you to save time, resources and increase your effectiveness by directing you to appropriate resources (such as other government and community-based programs and services) to increase your potential for success.

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