Agencies, Boards & Commissions


The Government of Alberta is affiliated with a number of agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs) that advise ministries and provide support for particular areas. Some ABCs are defined as “public agencies” under the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act (APAGA).

All ABCs defined as public agencies under the APAGA are also defined as “public sector bodies” under the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act (PSCTA) and are required under the PSCTA to publicly disclose all remuneration paid to members and the remuneration paid to employees earning more than $125,000 per calendar year (as adjusted according to the PSCTA).

Municipal Affairs is affiliated with the following ABCs:

Municipal Government Board (public agency under the APAGA)

New Home Buyer Protection Board (public agency under the APAGA)

Special Areas Board (public agency under the APAGA)

Safety Codes Council

Alberta Boilers Safety Association

Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides Safety Association

Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta

Capital Region Board

The Insurance and Disaster Recovery Program Advisory Committee was a public agency under the APAGA that was created by Ministerial Order in January 2014 to assist with resolving disaster recovery program claims related to the June 2013 floods in Southern Alberta that involved complex insurance issues. The committee was dissolved in June 2015.